Thrunton Trail Association

Thruton Wood is not like other Forestry Commission sites, its privately owned and Forestry Commission lease the land from the land owners. Now this brings interesting elements to the use of the forest and more importantly mountain biking…
Mountain biking is permitted with the following conditions :

• Mountain biking must NOT be publicly advertised.
• Mountain bike routes must not be way marked nor advertised on social media or the web
• Trail maintenance must only be done by the official group only (Thrunton Trail Association)
• Commercial operations are not allowed without prior consent of Forestry e.g Guiding. (No shop or private individual can profit from guiding in the woods without permission).
The land owner can and will STOP public access at any point in time if they feel the above are not being adhered too.

 The really special thing about Thruton is the trails are as close to natural as possible. We don’t build trail centre type trails built with gravel 100% of the way down the trail, and because of this wear and tear on the trails can be a big problem, so adopting the points above help to reduce advertising of how great out trails are and minimises use.
We really would love to keep our trails like they are for as long as possible.


Promotion of Thrunton via social media using videos etc will only increase traffic on the trails. This then means we need to use more and more hard pack hich we don’t want. Please help us out and try refrain from doing this.

If you want and have an idea for a trail, join via our membership page and have your say, we can then liaise with Forestry to see if its possible and then and plan the build.
With regards to trail maintenance, there are a few things we need to ensure we do or don’t do.

• We cant use powertools, e.g chain saws, this is not permitted due to our insurance and the health and safety reg Foresty have in place.
• No Wood. We cant build with wood, wood rots and when it rots the trail with crumble and potentially cause an accident.
• Build day attendance has to be recorded along with accidents for our insurance purposes and to comply with our agreement with The Forestry Commission.

 I hope the above is a good insight into the relationship between Forestry Commission, the land owner and Thrunton Trail Association. Any questions feel free to drop us an email on